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    5 Unusual (But Amazing) Jobs We’d Love to Land at Disney Theme Parks

    Here at Theme Park Tourist, we’re fascinated by the role that Disney Cast Members (and staff members at other theme park chains) play in “creating the magic” for guests. We’re even lucky enough to have a former Cast Member, Amy, among our writers. Over the next few months, we’ll be publishing a series of interviews with Cast Members that offer an insight into their day-to-day roles, the training that they undergo and the aspects of their jobs that they find the most rewarding. We might even uncover a funny story or two. In the meantime, let’s take a look at 5 amazing jobs that many people would loveto have at Disney’s theme parks.

    5. Candy Maker


    We challenge you to walk past the Main Street Confectionery and not be drawn in by the tempting smell of freshly-made candy emanating from within. Now, imagine working as a candy maker in the glass-walled kitchen, whipping up treats such as chocolate-coated strawberries, fudge and cookies. Of course, too much candy can be a bad thing (my dad often recalls being sick after eating too many mishapen Kit Kats at a Rowntrees factory in his youth). But, certainly, the idea of working in a candy kitchen is more appealing than, say, an open-plan office.

    4. Monorail Pilot

    Monorail Walt Disney was enamored by the monorail that he installed at Disneyland, hoping that it would be adopted as a mass-transit system by cities all over the world. That didn’t come to pass, but a more extensive monorail wasinstalled at Walt Disney World after his death. Almost every child that visits the resorts (and many adults) take ones look at the iconic, sleek monorail trains and dreams of piloting them. Yes, there’s a lot of reptition involved, but there are few other places in the world where you take on this job.

    3. Pyrotechnician

    Fireworks Many little children like to make things go bang. So, too, do the pyrotechnicians that are behind the many fireworks shows at Disney’s parks, although they are somewhat better trained than most. Pyrotechnicians are responsible for the safe storage, handling and functioning of pyrotechnics and associated devices. And at Disney, they have the opportunity to work on shows that are on a different scale to those at most other venues, almost every day.

    2. Great Movie Ride Gangster and Bank Robber


    Cast Members working on attractions play a very visible role in the operations of Disney’s parks. Few, though, are so heavily involved in a ride’s actual plot as those that work on the Great Movie Ride, portraying a gangster or bank robber that “hijacks” the ride vehicle. A good performance can elevate the experience of riding the attraction from an average one to a great one.

    1. Railroad Operator / Conductor

    Disneyland Railroad Walt Disney loved steam trains, so much so that he built a small-scale railroad in his own back garden. He regarded the Cast Members on the Disneyland Railroad as so important than he employed them through his own company, and even personally autographed their paychecks. This made working on the railroad one of the most prestigious positions at the park. Those days are in the past, but working on the railroads that circle Disney’s Magic Kingdom-style parks is still a special job. The trains, of course, are real – there’s nothing fake about these transport systems. And you’ll be satisfying two sets of people – the kids who come to ride the trains, and the inner child within that longs to operate them.