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5 Refurbishments Coming Soon to Walt Disney World (November 2021)

 Disney parks are constantly changing their refurbishment schedules, making it difficult for guests to keep up with the operating times and latest news regarding their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are a few big, upcoming changes that are either confirmed by their respective parks or at the least very strongly rumored for the very near future.

This month’s refurbishment update includes several refurbishments that will be hitting Walt Disney World in the new year, including the Disney Skyliner, Expedition Everest, and more! 

1. Kali River Rapids (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

Status: Confirmed

Dates: November 1 2021 – December 19 2021

Kali River Rapids’ annual refurbishment is now in full swing, and even though the temperatures in central Florida have cooled off, those who are missing this attraction can ride it once again beginning in just a few weeks on December 19, 2021

2. Blizzard Beach 

Status: Confirmed

Dates: December 26 2021 – TBA 2022

Blizzard Beach, the only water park currently operating at Walt Disney World will be closing for refurbishment this December, reopening sometime next year. However, some are hoping that this will potentially pave the way for a Typhoon Lagoon reopening (which has not operated since March 2020) either later this year or early next year. 

3. Expedition Everest (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

Status: Confirmed

Dates: January 4 2022 – mid-April 2022

Disney’s Animal Kingdom favorite Expedition Everest will close early next year  from January 4 2022 until mid-April 2022 for an equipment refurbishment. No major changes to the actual ride experience are expected, so if you’ve got your hopes up for a repair for the Yeti, unfortunately, it looks like that won’t be happening this time around. 

4. Disney Skyliner 

Status: Confirmed

Dates: January 23 – 28 2022

The Disney Skyliner gondola transportation system will be closed for a very short maintenance-related refurbishment from January 23 through January 28 2022. Increased bus service will be available at the resorts served by Disney Skyliner.

5. Walt Disney World Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

Status: Confirmed

Dates: Now – TBA 2022

Walt Disney World Railroad has been closed since the beginning of 2019 and though there haven’t been any official updates on the refurbishment of this attraction, with the delay of the TRON Lightcycle / Run, it looks like this refurbishment will last at least another year due to construction slowdowns, as Disney is now reportedly targeting a 2022 opening date for  TRON Lightcycle / Run.

Though it has been several years since the Walt Disney World Railroad has operated, Disney has shared an image of newly refurbished Walter E. Disney Engine 1.