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5 Reasons to Visit Disney World First Aid (That You Had No Idea About)

Magic Kingdom First Aid

It’s the one place in Walt Disney World no one wants to visit—no, I’m not talking about Stich’s Great Escape or the reviled Primeval Whirl. Nothing dampers a Disney trip like having to halt your magical day to visit First Aid.

Many a diehard Disney fan will power through blisters, bug bites, and churning stomachs without considering going to First Aid. After all, just the words “First Aid” bring to mind broken bones, fingers gushing blood, and serious medical emergencies. When nuisance situations arise, most guests talk themselves out of ever bothering to step inside those mysterious doors.

Magic Kingdom First Aid

For the first time in thirty years of Disney travel, I found myself in a situation where I had to take a family member to First Aid, and I was astonished by the sheer amount of resources they had available that I’d never tapped into. Did you know Disney First Aid offered these helpful services? Some will surprise you.

1. First, the obvious

Epcot First Aid

Disney has First Aid stations in each of their parks at the following locations:

  • Magic Kingdom – On Main Street next to the Crystal Palace
  • Epcot – Outside the Odyssey building, on the side closest to World Showcase
  • Hollywood Studios – Next to Guest Relations at the entrance
  • Animal Kingdom – Discovery Island, near the bridge to Africa
  • Blizzard Beach – Next to Lottawatta Lodge
  • Typhoon Lagoon – Behind Leaning Palms

As we’ve discussed previously at Theme Park Tourist, Disney cast members are forbidden from administering medical treatment, even helping to put a bandage on a paper cut. In most cases, whether it be lightheadedness or your-oh-so-excited-to-be-at-Disney-little-angel plowing face first into a pole, they will direct you to First Aid.

It goes without saying that Disney First Aid offers a wide range of expected benefits: bandages for skinned knees, ice for sprained ankles, treatment for giant wasp stings (thanks, Florida). Each location has a team of triage nurses who can help you with basic medical care.

We’ll discuss this more, but it is important to know that in serious medical emergencies, you should always call 911 or alert the nearest cast member rather than hunting for First Aid. Disney keeps paramedics on site, and they can get guests to proper medical treatment much faster than you’ll be able to locate the First Aid office.

2. Over-the-counter medication

Tomorrowland Sphere

Yes, children, touch the Sphere of Contagion…

It is a sad truth that theme parks are something of a stew pot for pathogens. It is very easy to pick up germs at Disney World, even as meticulous as the parks are about cleanliness. Most guests never realize that Disney First Aid offers a full variety of over-the-counter medications for free. It’s not the type of thing that usually comes to mind when you’re pumped full of endorphins on Space Mountain, but a little Tylenol or cough syrup can go a long way to improving a Disney vacation ruined by illness.

Stomach doing flips from that funnel cake you just knew you shouldn’t have eaten? First Aid can help you out with Tums, Mylanta, or similar medications. Suffering from the dreaded “Disney diarrhea” (something so frightfully common, it’s mentioned on warning signs)? First Aid keeps Imodium to keep you regular for days.

Diarrhea Sign at Epcot
I really wish this was Photoshopped…

Struggling with allergies? They have medication for that too (for a life-threatening reaction, call 911 or alert a cast member to call paramedics.) The point is this: don’t trudge through your trip sniffling and melancholy if you’re not feeling well. First Aid has a quality selection of free OTC remedies to help you get back to your day.

3. Everything you need for your battered feet

Inside Epcot First Aid

There’s a reason people say Epcot stands for “Every Person Comes Out Tired”. On a recent day in the Magic Kingdom, we walked 26,000 steps before dinner time. It’s just not a proper Disney World trip unless you’ve developed that perfect Hidden Mickey-shaped blood blister.

If you find yourself with shredded feet, there’s no need to slog through it searching gift shops for moleskin. First Aid offers a full treatment for blisters and similar foot issues. For our family member who had a series of severe blisters, they sprayed her feet down with soothing Bactine and gave the affected area a full wrap in bandages. The Bactine alone was a trip-saver. They also can ice rolled ankles and provide OTC pain medication. Some guests have reported that they were also able to get ACE bandages at First Aid when they needed one.

4. Medication fridge and hypodermic needle disposal

Magic Kingdom First Aid Sign

Certain antibiotics and inhalers require refrigeration, and on a hot Florida summer day, there may be legitimate concern about medications being cooked. If you are concerned about the heat or don’t want to carry your prescription all day, stop by First Aid and ask them if you can use their medication refrigerator. Even if your medication doesn’t require refrigeration, this is a great option. For guests who need insulin shots, Disney First Aid also has containers for disposing of hypodermic needles.

3. A place to recover / heat exhaustion treatment

Hollywood Studios Hot Set

The sheer amount of activity that goes into a Disney day can do far worse than blister your feet. It’s easy to not intake enough water and end up severely dehydrated. While the easiest way to avoid this is asking for free cups of filtered water at any restaurant or kiosk with a soda fountain, if a member of your party shows signs of heat exhaustion, it’s time to head to First Aid. Symptoms include confusion, dizziness, fainting, headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, pale skin, sweating, and increased heart rate.

One of First Aid’s best features is every location has a cool, comfortable space where you can recover without being jostled by crowds. The great thing is that this space isn’t only for those with heat exhaustion. Any park guest who isn’t feeling well can take advantage.

Sadness from Inside Out

While we’ve spoken on quiet places where people can withdraw at Disney World before, if you suffer from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks, First Aid could be a viable option for you to get grounded and recover. Just remember that they’re there to help you, you’re not inconveniencing anyone, and be ready to let them know your symptoms or any pre-existing conditions.

5. Sewing kits, eyeglass repair, wax for braces, and contact lens solution

 Michael Gray, Flickr

Image: Michael Gray, Flickr

This is where the resources available at First Aid really surprised us. They keep a wide stock of items normally available at pharmacy stores. For example, if a member of your party runs into trouble with their braces, such as a sharp edge or protruding wire, First Aid can provide orthodontic wax. Just warm a pea-sized ball in your hands then gently press the wax against the troublesome area. It can hold you over until you can visit your dentist after your vacation.

Second, First Aid keeps contact lens solution and cases on hand. This can be a great option for contact users whose eyes grow irritated during the day. Just be sure to bring your glasses with you when you head to the parks so you’ll be able to see if you have to take your lenses out. If your glasses break, don’t panic. First Aid also carries eyeglass repair kits.

The one we really didn’t expect was sewing kits. Lose a button or suffer a minor wardrobe malfunction? First Aid has you covered there too!

In conclusion, on your next trip, you don’t need to carry a pharmacy worthy of Mary Poppins’ carpetbag. Disney First Aid is a great resource for you!

Have you had an experience with Disney World First Aid? How did it go?