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5 Game-Changing Hacks Every Woman Needs at Walt Disney World

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Like Disney princesses, women who visit Walt Disney World come in all varieties. Some always look picture-perfect, ready to let it go and celebrate dreams come true like Cinderella or Elsa. Others are more practical, staying comfortable, planning sensibly like Belle or Tiana. Others arrive with a mission in mind, ready for war like Merida, Mulan, or Leia.

Then there’s those of us who wake up like Anna– frazzle-haired, drooling, and confused what day it is– or rather, that’s how we might look half-way through a Disney day.

Whether you’re completely extra or just like to keep things simple, most women who love Walt Disney world can agree we all want to stay comfortable and look good, especially in vacation pictures. I am not a particularly girly-girl (I seriously own an Indiana Jones fedora for myself), but I think I can safely say I am not alone in the struggle to want to avoid unnecessary discomfort on a long Disney day while still looking presentable. Between Florida’s sweltering humidity and the likelihood that you’ll probably walk an average of 10,000 steps (5 miles!) on a standard Disney day, it can be difficult for a girl to keep it together.

We gathered a few of our favorite game-changing hacks for ladies visiting Walt Disney World who want to stay comfy and look good while doing it. Whatever type of Disney-gal you are, whether you’re honeymooning like Jasmine or a super-mom like Elasti-Girl, some of these tricks might prove a game changer on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

1. Blotting paper to combat Florida’s humidity

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Florida is one sopping wet place. Particularly if you will be visiting in the warmer months between May and October, you might feel like Olaf confronted with a fireplace from the minute you step off the plane. Whether you wear make-up or not, a face full of sweat isn’t the most pleasant experience while touring the Most Magical Place on Earth.

If you aren’t familiar with blotting papers for managing facial shine, you may have never considered bringing them along on a vacation. These little sweat-tissues can prove a life-saver during a Walt Disney World visit. Unlike traditional tissues, blotting papers do a much better job absorbing sweat and moisture, leaving your face clean and shine-free. They’re also great for removing sweat and foundation smudges from cell phones, as well as for cleaning up eyeliner or mascara that is starting to melt into raccoon eyes.

If you don’t end up picking any up, you can DIY some impromptu blotting paper out of—and I’m not making this up—toilet seat liners. Obviously, a clean one, because a used one would very un-magical. If you tear one up into smaller pieces, no one is likely to realize where your genius blotting paper came from. There’s one for #lifehacks!

2. Waterproof your make-up

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On the same subject as blotting paper, nothing goofs up a picture with Goofy like realizing your face has started melting like the baddies at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Endless humidity, frequent rain, and those oh-so-fun water rides can leave a girl looking pretty smudged if you don’t take a few precautions.

Personally, I am an advocate for keeping your make-up simple at Walt Disney World. The #nomakeup team definitely has an advantage for touring Walt Disney World comfortably. No make-up is definitely going to mean less hassle and less sweat, though wearing foundation does provide some protection from sunburn. Many women opt for light, natural make-up like BB Creams if that’s all you need. This may not work, however, for the ladies who like a fully made-up face or especially Disneybounders going for a more creative look. Never fear. There are plenty of tricks you can use to keep your face in place while touring even on Disney’s humid days.

A solid primer is the best place to start since it will give your make-up more staying power. I’m personally a fan of ELF’s Mineral-infused Primer since it’s very affordable, but there are plenty of higher-end options as well like Smashbox Photo Finish. You will definitely want to prime your eyes either with an eyeshadow primer or a sturdy cream concealer. The same goes for your lips if you wear lipstick. Once your foundation is applied, moisture management is key. This is the type of vacation where powder is your friend.

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To really make sure things stay in place, stick to waterproof make-up wherever things are likely to smudge. Waterproof mascara will help prevent Meeko eyes while a quality waterproof eyeliner can last even through a Splash Mountain run. I’ve personally had good luck with Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner as well as Stila’s All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. You can give any eyeliner better staying power by setting it with eyeshadow of the same color (the same way you would use powder to set foundation), and you can double that seal by using an eyeliner sealer like this one from ELF which comes attached to a primer. For lips, in most cases you’ll have the best luck with stains or going natural. If you will be trying a bold lip color, consider trying a stay-all-day lipstick with a coat of gloss.

If you want to make absolutely sure nothing moves, you can also try a make-up setting spray. Some of these do an intense job, so test it out before your vacation so you don’t end up spending your Disney day feeling like you’re wearing a mask. Your make-up definitely won’t budge though!

3. Skip the glass slippers

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Image: Josh Hallett, Flickr (license)

Every woman has different tastes in shoes, and you only need to look down to see this at work in Walt Disney World. I don’t think I’ve been on a Disney visit yet where I didn’t see at least one woman struggling through the parks in platform heels or fashionista dress sandals. While that’s an extreme example, even supposedly-comfortable women’s shoes can easily turn ultra-painful just a few hours walking in a Disney park. The struggle is real, ladies.

We’ve written about how to keep your feet happy at the Most Magical Place on Earth before, but here’s a few refresher guidelines— if you have to choose between comfort and style while visiting Disney, go with comfort.

My Ecco walking sandals and Birkenstocks are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. Both have failed me utterly on Walt Disney World vacations, leaving me with burning blisters. The same goes for flip flops which are likely to rub the space between your toes raw. Women’s dress sandals generally suck for long walks, and even ballet flats can fail the test of 10,000 steps in a Disney park.

Unless you have the world’s most comfortable boots, your best bet on a Walt Disney day is good old tennis shoes. With socks. Seriously, unless you have some mega-comfortable sandals, you are far more likely to keep your feet blister-free with socks. Bring an extra pair if your feet tend to get wrecked. Changing them mid-day can feel like putting on a new pair of feet!

If you’re concerned about style, you can dress up your tennis shoes with fancy laces, Disney charms, or even fun Disney-themed socks. Hiking boots can work too, but for me, they’ve always felt like overkill on a Disney day. The choice is ultimately up to you, but make sure any shoe you wear to Walt Disney World is well broken-in and tested before your trip.

If you do still get a blister, you can head to Walt Disney World First Aid at any of the parks for a soothing treatment. However, if you want to stop those blisters all together…

4. Moleskin (for EVERYTHING)

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All hail Moleskin—and no, we aren’t talking about those fancy journals.

Moleskin is a soft stick-on padding similar to a very thick bandage. You can cut it to whatever size you like and use it to prevent blisters or abrasions from just about anything. Most people usually cut a strip and place it on the back of their heels to prevent blisters. It’s so popular that some Walt Disney World gift shops actually sell it (though it will be much cheaper if you get it before your visit).

However, basic blister prevention isn’t the only way to use Moleskin. One of the most helpful uses I have found for it is to switch where it is applied. I wrecked the heels of my tennis shoes on a Walt Disney World vacation and started getting blisters from the spots where the fabric had worn down. Instead of applying moleskin to my heel every day, I cut a piece and applied it inside my shoe over the abrasive fabric. It held for months! This is an especially nice trick for dress shoes or sandals with sharp or abrasive edges.

You can apply moleskin just about anywhere that clothing is causing discomfort. They’re great for covering that pesky spot in your favorite bra where the underwire has poked out or quick-sealing any tears or holes in your bag or clothes by a applying a piece from the inside of the bag or garment to get you through the day. They’re also nice for purse straps that start rubbing into your neck or shoulder. Oh, and don’t count on picking it up at Disney First Aid. They usually use band-aids for blister care. Moleskin is one of the few items they usually don’t have!

5. Dry shampoo to tame your Merida hair

Merida at Magic Kingdom

Image: Disney

I honestly didn’t even know what dry shampoo was until I moved to Florida—the land where it feels like your hair will never be dry or frizz-free again. If you’re familiar with the annoyances of an oily scalp, hair that easily turns greasy, or hair that easily picks up frizz, dry shampoo might become one of your new favorite tricks on a Walt Disney World vacation.

The stuff usually comes as a powder or a spray. While you can DIY some for yourself out of cornstarch (if your hair is light) or cornstarch and cocoa powder (if your hair is dark), the easiest version to take on a Walt Disney World vacation is the spray variety. When you notice your scalp starting to show the first signs of oiliness towards the beginning of your trip, spray or dust a bit of dry shampoo on your roots and brush it out. The results can feel like magic—no need to wash your hair every single day of your vacation!

If your scalp tends to run extra-oily in the humidity, opt to bring a little travel bottle of dry shampoo with you into the parks to keep shine-prone hair in check. Some women also swear by it for de-frizzing hair too. For ladies who struggle with hair frizz, do whatever you can to keep your hair moisturized throughout your trip. Don’t rub your hair with a towel when you get out of the shower—opt to gentle squeeze moisture out with a cotton t-shirt instead. Some women also swear by boar hair bristle-brushes to prevent humidity frizz.

Ladies, what is your favorite hack for women visiting Walt Disney World?