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    The 5 Best and Worst Attractions to Escape Bad Weather at Walt Disney World

    Dinosaurs and Pterodons

    Florida is generally thought of as sunny and warm, but the weather here can get unpleasant for a number of reasons. In the summer you face scorching heat, intense humidity, and daily storms. In winter you may encounter a steady chilly drizzle that’s not cold enough to become snow, but definitely chill enough to make your fingers and toes complain. If you need a break from the weather for any of these reasons there are a few great places to head. There are also some destinations that will only leave you stuck in the elements for longer. If you’re uncomfortable outside, keep these best and worst locations in mind.


    1. Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Epcot

    Dinosaurs and Pterodons

    Image: Disney

    Ellen’s Energy Adventure is spectacularly long, making it by far one of the best places to go when you need a long rest. The queue and preshow are indoors and the preshow even has some benches along the walls. Once on the ride, you’ll find long bench seating and giant vehicles that typically give you plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable. Kids want to lay on a bench and take a nap? Here you can do it indoors. While the slow-moving vehicle and following video aren’t exactly thrilling, they’re moderately entertaining, and they keep you inside for a full 45 minutes. There’s also a minimal wait for this attraction so you don’t have to exhaust yourself standing around in line beforehand.

    2. Great Movie Ride, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    The vast majority of the queue for the Great Movie Ride is indoors so you can wait well out of the sun, rain, heat, or cold. The ride itself lasts another 22 minutes, which gives you a long break to sit back and relax. The seats are long benches that are reasonably comfortable and everyone in your party can ride.

    3. The Enchanted Tiki Room, Magic Kingdom

    Enchanted Tiki Room poster

    Image: Disney

    Though the queue for the Enchanted Tiki Room is outside, the wait for this attraction is usually minimal. Once inside, you have comfortable benches to sit on and you can relax for the duration of the 15-minute show. Though you’ll experience a bit of a rainstorm, rest assured that it all comes in the form of special effects. You won’t get wet in this safe haven from the weather outside.

    4. Conservation Station, Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom’s lush foliage makes this park feel much hotter and more humid than other locations. If you need a break from the weather, Conservation Station is a fun place to pass some time while the kids stay entertained. This indoor location has regular Meet and Greets with Rafiki and other characters, as well as the opportunity to meet some of the local critters living at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Depending on the day and time, you may get to pet a ferret, snake, or other creature.

    The absolute best place for a little rest here is one of the Song of the Rainforest booths. When one is available, you can take your entire party in to sit on the padded benches in the cool and dark. Headphones are available for a soothing serenade from nature. Just try to stay awake in this comfortable retreat.

    5. Finding Nemo – the Musical, Animal Kingdom

    The queue for Finding Nemo – The Musical is outdoors, so this isn’t ideal if you’re caught in a downpour, but the show is a good place to escape the heat or cold for a bit. The show lasts 40 minutes and has a comfortable indoor theater where you’re safe from the elements.


    1. Jungle Cruise, Magic Kingdom

    Jungle Cruise

    Image: Disney

    Everything about the Jungle Cruise is outside so you won’t escape the weather at all here. The queue is often long so you’re left sweating it out by the river for quite a bit before you get onboard. If you’re riding the Jungle Cruise in the rain, be prepared to sit on wet seats. There’s just no way around it. On this attraction, you’re as hot or cold as the weather outside.

    2. Kilimanjaro Safaris, Animal Kingdom

    Like Jungle Cruise, Kilimanjaro Safaris leaves your exposed to the elements. The queue is shaded but outdoors, and if you don’t have a Fastpass the line is consistently long. The ride, while worth a visit, offers little relief from the elements. The only conciliation is that the animals enjoy the rain far more than most guests and often come out to frolic.

    3. Liberty Square Riverboat

    The Liberty Square Riverboat and its waiting area are outside with no air conditioning. The ride lasts for 17 minutes and does not offer a place to sit. Depending on where you stand, you may even end up in the sun. There’s no relief from the elements here and you’re on this slow-moving boat for longer than many people anticipate. It’s also worth noting that this is not a means of transportation. For all the time you spend on board, you will still get off in exactly the same place where you got on.

    4. Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show

    Lights, Motors, Action! Entrance

      Image: Brittany DiCologero

    Note: This attraction closed forever in 2016 to make way for Star Wars Land

    The Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show is entirely outdoors. The bleacher seating is just that, and if you’re already sweaty and uncomfortable, you’ll probably feel even more so after 35 minutes on the stiff seats. This is a popular show so you will be packed in with other guests. When it’s hot, this just adds to the discomfort, as do the numerous explosions and pyrotechnics.

    5. Expedition Everest

    Image © Disney

    Image: Disney

    Expedition Everest has a long queue that’s mostly outdoors, as is most of the ride, so you won’t escape the heat or cold. To make things worse, you will only enjoy a three-minute attraction for all the time you spend in line. If the skies look stormy, you may even waste your time in line entirely as the attraction will close if there’s lightning in the vicinity.

    If you’re frustrated with the weather during your stay, avoid the worst attractions for escaping uncomfortable conditions and refresh indoors to perk up your day.