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4 New PhotoPass Rules Now in Effect at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World just isn’t the same without pictures. Whether you’re a master of the social media selfie, a character fan or a PhotoPass expert, there are plenty of ways to capture unforgettable memories at Walt Disney World. However, since reopening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a lot of changes to the way guests can take photos at Walt Disney World, with the parks now enforcing several new rules that will affect how (and where) you can take photos at the theme parks. 

1. Masks must stay on for photos

Though everyone loves to get a photo of themselves smiling in front of iconic Walt Disney World locations like Cinderella Castle and the Tree of Life, guests will unfortunately have to adapt to the new normal at the parks, as Disney has said that all guests posing for photos must keep masks on at all times, even for the photo. This applies to guests posing for PhotoPass photographers as well as guests using their own device to capture photos. If a guest is found to be violating this policy, they will be reminded to keep their mask on by Cast Members in the theme parks. 

The only exceptions to this rule would be if you are taking photos inside the theme parks’ mask-free “relaxation zones”  which are the designated places scattered throughout the parks, or if you are taking photos while dining. 

2. Guests who take masks off on rides will not receive their on-ride photos

While it may be tempting to remove your mask while riding a ride (especially one like Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain, where your party will be separated from others) Disney has confirmed that guests who take their masks off on attractions will not receive their ride photos. Disney has said that they are using Walt Disney World’s pre-existing policy of refusing to release ride photos which show guests doing something unsafe or inappropriate on the ride to enforce this new rule. 

3. PhotoPass Photographers can no longer use guests’ devices to capture photos

Though Disney PhotoPass photographers have been happy to take photos of guests using a guests’ own smartphone or camera, Disney has confirmed that this policy has been terminated and PhotoPass photographers are no longer able to handle guests’ personal devices. In addition, PhotoPass photographers will not be handing out photo cards to guests, and will instead be only scanning MagicBands (while remaining as socially distant as possible) to link photos to a My Disney Experience account. 

4. Photos can only be taken with characters from a safe distance 

One of the key components of Walt Disney World’s reopening plans was the cessation of all in-person character meet and greets. Though selected character dining experiences do remain, it is no longer possible to get a photo where you are standing next to Mickey Mouse or throwing up peace signs with Elsa. However, Disney is still allowing guests to get photos with characters in a unique way. 

Around the theme parks, characters can be found standing on rooftops and elevated platforms, waving and greeting guests. And if you are wanting to get a picture with these characters, you can simply pose near them, and you’ll oftentimes be able to get a unique photo of yourself with the character in the background, often posing themselves as well!  

As always, while this situation is evolving, all travelers should check out the CDC’s official site here, which has information on the virus and how to prevent its spread. 

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