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    The 4 Best Places to Get SOAKED at Walt Disney World

    Caribbean Beach Shipwreck

    Walt Disney World resort pools are known for being a bit over the top, but these aren’t the only water features on property that are worth a mention. Several resorts also feature water play areas with shallow pools that are perfect for the smallest visitors. Offering the perfect combination of splash pad and pool, these imaginative playgrounds are the ideal afternoon activity for families with young children.

    Please note, these play areas are typically reserved for children under 48 inches tall. If you have bigger children, never fear – the larger pools at these resorts are just as fun, with scaled-up features that everyone can enjoy.

    1. The Shipwreck at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

    Caribbean Beach ShipwreckCaribbean Beach ShipwreckImage via Flickr by Suzanne Lozzi

    Let your inner pirate out at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This hotel features a water play area with a massive shipwreck. Three miniature water slides offer the perfect alternative to the full scale options at the adjacent Fuentes del Morro Pool. Watch out for the giant water bucket – it can overturn at any moment, drenching those below!

    If the kids work up their bravery at this shallow play space and want to try the bigger pool, this resort has an ideal option for new swimmers – the zero depth entry allows kids to wade in slowly and stop at the depth they’re most comfortable with.

    2. The Alice in Wonderland Area at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

    Grand Floridian Alice in Wonderland PoolGrand Floridian Alice in Wonderland PoolImage via Flickr by Jeffrey Zeldman

    Much of the ambiance of the Grand Floridian is refined, elegant, and altogether adult. The Alice in Wonderland water playground, however, is the one spot where little visitors can run wild and indulge their fantasies.

    The relatively new play space opened in 2012. It features two small slides, a massive hat that overturns on those below, and several interactive features. Children can experiment with pull cords and turning valves to see what happens with each new discovery. The pool is surrounded by ample deck space for parents to lounge on the sidelines.

    3. Water Play Fort at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

    Fort Wilderness PoolsideFort Wilderness PoolsideImage via Flickr by Beau B

    Located behind the swimming pool at the Meadow, the fort play area is a hidden gem that’s easily missed at this resort. Fort Wilderness caters to guests who are either camping on site or staying in one of the cabins. Camping spots and cabins are organized into loops. The property is so large that guests take a bus just to get to the bus stop where they can transfer to a park or other destination.

    If you’re staying at Fort Wilderness, make sure you stop at the Meadow at least once. This is a separate area from the Outpost, where you’ll find the Hoop-de-Doo Revue and Trail’s End Restaurant. The Meadow has both a swimming pool and a kiddie pool playground behind it. This play area is completely fenced off from the larger pool so children can run around freely, splash in the shallow water, and enjoy the miniature waterslide.

    4. Donald Duck Play Area at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

    Saratoga Springs Kiddie PoolSaratoga Springs Kiddie PoolImage via Flickr by Darren Wittko

    The High Rock Spring Pool at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort can be intimidating, with its waterfalls and massive water slide. An easier way for children to get wet is to head to the Donald Duck play area. This particular play area is more of a splash pad than a pool. With plenty of water jets to dance in, children are sure to have a great time.

    Saratoga Springs also has a second play area for kids by the Paddock Pool, featuring two small waterslides. Both the Paddock Pool and High Rock Spring Pool are zero depth entry so small children can wade in slowly if they’re ready later on.

    Towering water slides and oversized pool features can be intimidating for toddlers and small children. Book at one of these resorts and take advantage of some of the more entertaining kiddie pools on property.