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    3 Theme Park Construction Projects Still Underway Despite COVID-19 Closings

    Though the vast majority of construction projections at Walt Disney World have been shut down due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, it looks like work on some theme park projects are still ongoing outside the central Florida theme park giant while the theme parks are all closed. From Universal Orlando Resort to just outside Walt Disney World resort, here are all the construction projects that are still happening as of the end of last week that we know about. 

    1. Jurassic World Roller Coaster

    Image: Universal

    As of last week, it looks like Universal is continuing work on “Project 791”, which will be a new roller coaster themed to Jurassic Park. According to several reports, this new Jurassic-themed attraction will be a multi-launch roller  coaster with twists and turns and a top hat element, loosely themed to the raptors seen in the Jurassic World series. And though we don’t know many specifics about it right now, many have speculated that we could see an opening sometime early next year. 

    However, though Orlando Park Stop reports that work has been ongoing in recent days, if a statewide lockdown on non-essential employees happens in the next few days, construction on this project could grind to a halt. 

    2. Flamingo Crossings CP housing

    Though construction on basically every project inside Walt Disney World has ended, Blog Mickey reports that construction continues on brand new housing for College Program participants, just outside the gates of Walt Disney World at the Flamingo Crossings hotel, housing, and retail center. The rush may be on to complete this project quickly, as the housing is supposed to be available for program participants moving in for the summer 2020 session (which begins in May) and while the project looks to be nearly complete, if the state goes in to lockdown, all construction will be required to cease, so Disney may be trying to get as much of this project done as soon as possible. 

    3. Super Nintendo World

    Image: Universal

    It’s hard to believe, but the first Super Nintendo Land is almost finished at Universal Studios Japan, and construction is still ongoing to get this land ready for a 2020 debut. Though the original plan was to have this land ready for the opening of the 2020 Olympics in Japan, with serious doubt being cast on whether this event is still even going to happen, Universal is under less pressure to finish this land in time. However, recent photos have been snapped of construction workers putting the finishing touches on this land before its debut later this year. 

    When it opens, this new, immersive land promises to be “a life-size, living video game,” complete with blockbuster attractions, familiar landmarks such as Bowser’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, and Toad’s House, all while recreating the look of a Super Mario Bros game level, complete with Piranha Plants, question blocks, coins, and warp pipes.

    This new land’s star attraction will be a “realistic” Mario Kart ride, but with only a few months to go before this new land opens, this attraction strangely remains shrouded in mystery. In addition, this new land will feature a Yoshi omnimover dark ride attraction that will be a hybrid indoor/outdoor attraction, featuring over 40 state-of-the-art animatronics, and a scenic view of the park from one of the highest points in all of Super Nintendo World.