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The 3 BIG Updates From Walt Disney World This Week (March 1-7, 2015)

Hollywood Blvd

This is the weekly news, rumors and refurbishments update for Walt Disney World for the week of March 1, 2015.

Here are the three biggest updates from around the resort for the past seven days.

1. The Sorcerer’s Hat is gone from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

After 14 years of celebration, we can finally say goodbye to the giant Sorcerer’s Hat that was placed in front of the Great Movie Ride

The Sorcerer’s Hat was constructed in 2001 to commemorate Walt Disney’s 100th birthday. It was supposed to be a temporary structure, but the merchandise team saw an opportunity for greater sales and the hat stayed. Now with the highly rumored Star Wars Land about to be built on the south side of the park, the hat would be too much of an intrusion and had to go.

Hollywood Blvd

Great Movie Ride

Great Movie Ride

The Chinese Theater façade for the Great Movie Ride will now once again be highly visible. Permits have been filed to return the four spires that were removed many years ago. The theater is also getting new lighting and a fresh coat of paint.

2. The Walt Disney World Monorail will be operating on reduced hours


From now through this summer, the Walt Disney World Express Monorail will not be operating on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11:30am and 6:00pm.

This is likely due to the automation upgrades coming to the monorails. The resort beam and Epcot beam will operate as normal. Ferry boats are provided as an alternative.

3. Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace are switching menus

Aloha Isle

A switch-up is occurring in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park. Aloha Isle is home to the world famous Dole Whip and Sunshine Tree Terrace is home to the Citrus Swirl. Starting later this week, that will be reversed. Sunshine Tree Terrace will now be home to the Dole Whip and Aloha Isle will serve the Citrus Swirl and anything else on the menu will also be switched. 

This is likely due to a new restaurant being built in the Adventureland Veranda, very close to Aloha Isle. Disney may not want the traffic or long lines in that area and are thus moving the popular Dole Whip to the larger Sunshine Tree Terrace.