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3 BIG Announcements We Can’t Wait to Hear at the 2019 D23 Expo

This year has certainly been a big one for Disney parks, with two openings of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and plenty of additional announcements about the future of Disney Parks. However, all eyes are on this year’s D23 Expo, taking place in Anaheim this August, where Disney has hinted that they will be revealing even more about the future of Disney parks. And though nothing is set in stone, here’s what we think we’re going to hear at this year’s event. 

1. The future of Epcot gets detailed

Image: Disney

About the only thing that has been absolutely confirmed to be happening at this year’s D23 Expo is a big presentation about the future of Epcot. We already know a lot of broad details about the dozen attractions set to come to this park in the next few years, but details are scarce. And that’s where we’re hoping the D23 Expo will come in. 

Right now, we know that over the next few years Future World will be home to a new Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster as well as a new “Play” pavilion. However, neither of these projects have an official name or opening target, despite at least in the case of the former, being under construction for over a year. But hopefully, after this August, we’ll know more about these projects.

In addition, Disney has announced that the World Showcase is getting an overhaul, not only with the Ratatouille attraction coming to the France Pavilion, but also new films getting prepped for China and Canada. However, again we don’t know any specifics about when these new projects will be completed, which makes this another announcement we feel confident we’ll hear at this year’s D23 Expo. 


Image: Disney

Finally, it has been confirmed that Disney will unveil brand new pavilion icons for Imagination!, The Land, and The Seas with Nemo & Friends at this year’s D23 Expo as part of their Epcot presentation. 
And even though it looks like we’re going to hear a LOT about Epcot at this year’s Expo, hopefully we’ll hear some more about these other projects as well. 

2. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening date

Image: Disney

It was a bit of a bummer when it was announced that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge would open with one attraction, but we’re sure that work on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is progressing rapidly, and hopefully Disney will have an opening date ready to share by the time the D23 Expo comes along. According to reports, this attraction will have a whopping total of 305 animatronic figures and droids, almost a third of which are expected to be Stormtroopers. In addition, sources state that this attraction will have 18 different show scenes that involve 5 different ride systems, making it one of the most (if not the most) technically advanced rides at a Disney park ever. In a climate that has recently favored screens and 3D effects, it looks like Star wars: Rise of the Resistance could usher in a new era of animatronic, practical effect, and ride system technology, and hopefully we’ll be able to experience it soon!

3. Star Wars Hotel

Image: Disney

And speaking of Star Wars, Back in 2017 it was revealed that in an effort to extend the Star Wars experience beyond Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge a specialty hotel was being built that would allow fans to experience the Star Wars universe in a whole new way. Instead of just having decor “inspired” by Star Wars (like the movie-based wings of the Art of Animation) guests who stay in this hotel will be able to take part in an immersive experience designed from the ground up to be a living adventure that gives guests the chance to become the star of their own Star Wars Story. 

To help facilitate this, Disney is building this now hotel right across from where Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be on the south side of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Construction has already started on this new hotel, but Disney has not released any specifics in regards to cost or opening date. And with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios set to debut just a few days after the D23 Expo, revealing more information about this new Star Wars experience could help keep guests feeling the force beyond even the opening of Rise of the Resistance!