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    10 Mouth-Watering Treats From Disney Parks Around the World (That Walt Disney World Should Totally Steal)

    Hong Kong Disneyland Dim Sum

    Dole Whips, Mickey ice cream bars, churros. There’s definitely no shortage of tasty treats at Walt Disney World, and some people plan their entire trips around the snacks, meals and desserts that they’ll soon consume. But Disney theme park fans all over the world have scrumptious snacks to choose from too, and many of them would be right at home at Disney’s largest park. Here are 10 snacks from Disney parks and resorts around the globe that ought to quickly make their way to Walt Disney World: 

    1. Dim Sum

    Hong Kong Disneyland Dim Sum

    Image: Disney

    There is a restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland called Crystal Lotus that may make the cutest food on Earth. This restaurant is currently the only one where a guest can order Disney Dim Sum—imaginative mini dishes that are said to taste as good as they look. Diners can choose from the Olaf Steamed Red Bean Bun above or other popular dishes such as the Baymax Bun, Duffy and ShellieMay Steamed Sweet Bun, Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun, Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancake, Chilled Mickey’s Red Bean Jelly with Osmanthus Honey and Mickey’s Double-Layer Turnip and Taro Pudding. The dishes take a little bit of extra time to prepare and are now just available on weekends and holidays at lunchtime with a 24-hour advance order, but they’d be a huge hit at Walt Disney World. 

    2. A Spoonful of Sugar

    Spoonful of Sugar

    Image: Disney

    Last year, Disneyland Resort executed Mary Poppins’ signature idea in a super sweet way with a bite-sized treat featuring chocolate caramel ganache, chocolate pastry cream, pâte à choux, dark chocolate gloss, white chocolate coating, marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles — all topped with an adorable sugar penguin. The Spoonful of Sugar was only available for 10 days in August 2014 and it only cost $3.29. Even though it might be too cute to eat, Walt Disney World visitors would likely snap these up. 

    3. Popcorn in a Wide Variety of Flavors


    Image: Disney

    You might think you’ve seen popcorn at Walt Disney World, but you haven’t seen the array of flavors that await visitors to the Tokyo Disney Resort. There, guests can munch on kernels with savory soy sauce and butter, curry, honey, milk tea and corn soup flavors, along with seasonal ones like orange marmalade. The popcorn carts there are also happy to offer samples and even give refills. A popcorn buffet would make a great addition to Walt Disney World.

    4. Maple Balls

    Maple Balls

    Image: Disney

    Another treat found in Tokyo, specifically at Tokyo DisneySea, is a pastry dish made with dough, maple and chopped nuts. Maple Balls resemble cream puffs that are slightly chewy, and the portable treats would be perfect to walk around with in Florida too.

    5. Mickey Brioche

    Mickey Brioche

    Image: Disney

    It’s not surprising that Disneyland Paris would be known for its selection of delicious European pastries, and the Mickey Brioche is a treat that definitely needs to be exported. This snack is a sweet roll that’s filled with “choco-nut” spread. They’re currently round but they previously were made in a Mickey shape. Either way, the pastries would be welcome in Central Florida.

    6. Sea Salt Ice Cream

    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    Image: Disney

    One of the most popular ice cream flavors in Tokyo features the somewhat unusual ingredient of sea salt. The treat is salty but sweet at the same time, and it’s also featured in the Kingdom Hearts II video game as a motif that usually signifies friendship. Walt Disney World has plenty of ice cream shops where this flavor could be included very easily.

    7. Stitch Surprise 

    Stitch Surprise

    Image: Disney

    It may not be a theme park, but Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa is still a place that many people would love to visit. And there’s a very popular character who’s featured in one of the Hawaiian resort’s in-room gifts and surprises. The price tag for the caramel ganache with sea salt, truffles, shortbread cookies, macadamia nuts and Kona coffee-flavored chocolate beams seems steep at $49, but the price seems a little more reasonable when you consider the adorable Stitch and Aulani-themed surfboard that it comes with. The Hawaiian-themed snack would be right at home at Disney’s Polynesian resort or maybe even Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom.

    8. Perrier cocktails 

    Perrier Cocktails

    Image: Disney

    At Disneyland Paris, guests can take their pick from a variety of cocktails made with — of course — Perrier. The Everest cocktail features green tea and fresh mint syrup, the Splash has Maraschino cherry and Curaçao blue syrup, the Sunset has a choice of Monin syrup and La Terreur features blackberry and lemon syrup. A customizable cocktail should be on the menu at Walt Disney World too!

    9. Little green dumplings

    Also in the running for “cutest food imaginable” are the Little Green Dumplings found at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The “mochi” dumplings come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors and look exactly like the heads of the Little Green Men from the “Toy Story” movies. Each one is filled with thick sweet custard and an order of three will easily fill you up. These deserve a place on the menu at Toy Story Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    10. S’mores Galore


    Image: Disney

    Over the summer, Disneyland’s chefs in California created treats for fans who couldn’t get enough chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. A s’mores apple was joined by a s’mores marshmallow wand, crispy treat and bark in July. The campfire-inspired sweets would be perfect at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge and Frontierland any month of the year.

    If Disney needs some sweet ideas on bringing more desserts, snacks and drinks to Walt Disney World, it only has to look at its other popular treats around the globe. Which snack would you most like to see in the World? Leave your comment below!