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The 2 MAJOR Changes Rumored to be Coming to Walt Disney World's Epcot

Big changes are rumored to be coming to Epcot in the near future.

Though Hollywood Studios is often viewed as the Walt Disney World park most in need of refurbishment, Epcot's attendance has been growing at smaller and smaller levels over the years, and some of the attractions at the park (specifically in the Future World area) have been showing their age.

However, there it looks like there are some big plans in the future for Epcot , that include both Future World and World Showcase. Of course, none of these developments have been confirmed by Disney, but two have some pretty strong sources behind them, and could be announced officially by the end of the year.

1. Frozen is coming to Norway 

Image © Disney

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World has big plans for its latest animated blockbuster, and it looks like the Norway pavilion could be ground zero for a permanent Frozen experience in the parks.

The biggest target will be the aging Maelstrom ride, which is rumored to be getting a complete gut. Instead of featuring the history of Norway, the ride will instead feature elements from the film.

In addition to the updated ride, there are whispers that the Norway-themed areas will be cut down to a single shop. According to a video posted online by a Norwegian news station, Disney has told interested parties that unless the Norwegian government invests $9 million in refurbishing the Norway pavilion, then the plans to re-theme the area as the Kingdom of Arendelle (with just a hint of Norway sprinkled in) will move forward.

According to the same video report, plans have already been drawn up for the big Frozen refurbishment, and the current Maelstrom could see its final boat launch this October (which would line up with reports claiming that FastPass+ availability for this attraction has been cut off past August). Looks like several commenters have confirmed that they have FastPass+ reservations for Maelstrom in September, so this part of the rumor was thankfully unfounded. 

You can check out the video for yourself below (make sure to watch it with English subtitles on), but keep in mind that none of this is official or confirmed by Disney. 

It’s hard to imagine an area of the World’s Showcase being dedicated to a single Disney movie, but this story seems pretty plausible, especially as rumors have been swirling about a Frozen attraction coming to the parks ever since January.

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