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Today is: Wed 16th April, 2014
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Kings Island teases major new attraction for 2014 season

Son of Beast dismantling
The rumored new coaster would replaced the ill-fated Son of Beast in Kings Island's line-up.

Kings Island has launched a teaser campaign for a major new attraction for the 2014 season, with rumors suggesting that a new roller coaster could be on its way to the park.

The park dismantled the troubled Son of Beast coaster late last year, leaving something of a gap in its line-up. It also removed the Thunder Alley go-kart track, promising in January that the area would be used for "future park expansion".

Now, Screamscape reports that the park has added signs to the construction walls around the former Thunder Alley site, warning that "mysterious and bone-chilling screams" have led to the area being monitored. An "evil phenomenon" is also referred to, suggesting a horror theme for the new attraction.

Kings Island now possesses considerable space on which to install a new roller coaster, although the park is yet to confirm the nature of its planned addition. Further details are likely to be trickled out by the park over the coming months.

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