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Knott's Berry Farm: Coast Rider, Surfside Glider and Pacific Scrambler to open on May 25, 2013

Knott's Boardwalk concept art
The Knott's Boardwalk area will undergo a radical overhaul ahead of the 2013 Memorial Day weekend.

Knott's Berry Farm has confirmed that its three new family rides for the 2013 season will officially debut on May 25, in time for the busy Memorial Day weekend.

The Orange County Register quotes Knott's spokeswoman Jennifer Blazey as confirming the opening date. The three new additions, dubbed Coast Rider, Surfside Glider and Pacific Scrambler, will all be located in the Knott's Boardwalk area of the park. All three will fit into the site previously occupied by the sprawling Perilous Plunge water ride.

The first new addition, Coast Rider, will be an Extended Wild Mouse coaster manufactured by German firm Mack. As with other rides of its type, it will feature a large number of sharp hairpin turns, packed into a 1,339-foot circuit.

Surfside Glider, meanwhile, will be a traditional midway ride in which riders board two-men "aircraft" that rotate around a central column. Pacific Scrambler will be the final addition, sending guests into a spin as they rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Perilous Plunge was closed on September 3, 2012, having originally claimed the title of "tallest water ride in the world" when it debuted in September 2000. It saw guests being carried in large boats to the top of a 121-foot tower, before plummeting down a 115-foot, 75-degree drop into a splash zone below.

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