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SeaWorld San Diego celebrates birth of killer whale calf on Valentine's Day

Baby Shamu

SeaWorld San Diego staff are celebrating after one of the park's killer whales gave birth to a calf on Valentine's Day.

The calf, currently known as Baby Shamu, was born to 37-year-old orca Kasatka at 6.33am on February 14, 2013. It is currently bonding with its mother, and is visible in the park's Show Pool. It is the fourth calf to be born to Kasatka, and the sixth to be successfully born at SeaWorld San Diego since the park opened in 1964.

Baby Shamu (2)
Image © SeaWorld San Diego

Kasatka was pregnant for some 18 months, but her labor lasted just one hour. The calf's gender is yet to be confirmed.

SeaWorld San Diego's killer whales star in the park's One Ocean show, which replaced Believe in Shamu Stadium in May 2011. Featuring a new set, panoramic LED screens and an all-new soundtrack, One Ocean delivers an educational message that is designed to inspire guests to "celebrate, connect and care" for the ocean.

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