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Video: Fan's model shows Alton Towers' SW7 roller coaster's circuit

SW7 ride layout

An Alton Towers fan has released a video showing off a detailed 3D model of the park's new roller coaster for 2013, codenamed "SW7".

The video, embedded below, was produced by YouTube user Nemesis94DJW using the NoLimits software package. It is based on Alton Towers' planning application for the SW7 coaster, which included detailed images of the ride's layout. However, the "world's first" element that has previously been promised by the park is yet to be revealed.

SW7's layout will feature at least 8 inversions, along with two lift sections. The ride will reach a maximum height of 73 feet, but will also dip below ground level at points in order to gain extra height.

The new coaster is set to be the most expensive attraction ever installed by Alton Towers, with its rumoured £20 million budget topping the £15 million spent on installing Thirteen in 2010. The plans appear to confirm that it will be manufactured by Gerstlauer, who also constructed SAW - The Ride at sister park Thorpe Park.

You can find out more about Alton Towers' new roller coaster for 2013 by reading Theme Park Tourist's detailed breakdown of the SW7 plans.

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