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Today is: Sat 18th April, 2015
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Walt Disney World launches "Pirate's Adventure" experience for resort guests

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Walt Disney World is to launch a new pirate-themed experience for guests at its resorts hotels, which will see them challenged to solve a a series of "riddles".

The Disney Parks Blog reports that the new offering, dubbed "A Pirate's Adventure", will be available soon. An extension to the existing "In-Room Celebrations" that enable guests to order a variety of items to their rooms, it will see an "adventure" installed in the room. This will be designed to appear as though Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has left a series of clues pointing to hidden treasure in the room.

The backstory behind the experience will be that Sparrow was chased into the room by rival pirates, leaving his treasure behind. Guests will receive a treasure chest to keep as part of the package.

Ken Malquist, who acts as show director for Disney Floral & Gifts, said of the new offering: "When we watch kids play, some of their greatest adventures takes place in their bedrooms, building forts and playing dress-up. So we took this concept and came up with a storyline to place the guest in an imaginative, yet authentic adventure."

"A Pirate's Adventure" will be available to order from late Summer 2011, for stays at the Walt Disney World Resort in Fall 2011.

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