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Paultons Park to open Peppa Pig World in 2011

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Paultons Park in Hampshire, England is to open a new land known as Peppa Pig World in 2011, with attractions themed around the popular children's cartoon character.

The area, which is due to open in time for Easter 2011, will feature child-friendly attractions themed around characters from the Peppa Pig television show. The park claims to have secured an exclusive license with owners E1 Entertainment, meaning that it will be the only theme park in the UK and Ireland to host a Peppa Pig attraction.

The 7 rides in the new land will be themed versions of established "kiddie" attractions, including the Peppa Pig family car, Miss Rabbit’s helicopter, Grandpa Pig’s train, George’s dinosaur, a Balloon ride, Danny Dog’s car, George’s boat and a ride in the "cloud" around Windy Castle. Kids will also be able to splash in muddy puddles and take a tour of Peppa Pig's house.

Steve Lorton said of the new land: "Paultons Park will be the only place in the UK where Peppa Pig fans will be able to enjoy this unique experience and we look forward to welcoming visitors from far and wide when Peppa Pig World opens at Easter 2011."

The deal to license the Peppa Pig characters is something of a coup for Paultons Park, with the show having proved a smash hit in the UK since its 2004 debut. Sales of merchandise based on the series reached £100m in the UK last year, and it has now been shown in 180 countries worldwide.

However, UK tabloid the Daily Mirror claims that some Muslim park-goers may choose to avoid the pig-themed area for religious reasons. It points to a ban of Peppa Pig action figures in Bosnia last year as evidence for the potential controversy.

With other children's shows such as Thomas the Tank Engine having been successful in achieving multi-park licensing deals, it is possible that Paultons Park's Peppa Pig World may be the first of many worldwide. Children's attractions are relatively cheap to retheme, and characters are often swapped out in favor of others if a more attractive licensing deal can be struck.

The Peppa Pig cartoons revolve around the life of the eponymous pig, as well as her family and friends. Aimed at pre-schoolers but popular with many parents for its humorous elements, it has sold over 3 million DVDs in the UK to date.

Update: You can find out more about the new land in our in-depth Peppa Pig World review.

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