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Opening Dates for New Rides at Walt Disney World in 2017, 2018 and Beyond

Listed below are confirmed and rumored opening dates for new rides at Walt Disney World, as well as upcoming shows and other attractions.

Please contact the park concerned for official details of attraction opening dates.

New ride opening dates by park
Disney's Animal Kingdom:
Attraction Opening date Status
Burudika Jan 1, 2017
Chakranadi Jan 1, 2017
Discovery Island Carnivale Jan 1, 2017
Harambe Wildlife Parti Jan 1, 2017
Tam Tam drummers of Harambe Jan 1, 2017
The Oasis Exhibits Jan 1, 2017 Confirmed
Rivers of Light Mar 31, 2017 Date not confirmed
Avatar: Flight of Passage May 27, 2017 Date not confirmed
Na'Vi River Journey May 27, 2017 Date not confirmed
Disney's Hollywood Studios:
Attraction Opening date Status
Frozen Sing Along Celebration Jan 1, 2017 Confirmed
March of the First Order Jan 1, 2017 Confirmed
Star Wars Path of the Jedi Jan 1, 2017 Confirmed
Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away Jan 1, 2017 Confirmed
Alien Swirling Saucers May 26, 2018 Date not confirmed
Slinky Dog Roller Coaster May 26, 2018 Date not confirmed
First Order Dark Ride May 30, 2020 Date not confirmed
Millennium Falcon Ride May 30, 2020 Date not confirmed
Attraction Opening date Status
Sea Base Jan 1, 2017 Confirmed
Bijutsu kan Gallery Jan 13, 2017 Confirmed
Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival Jan 13, 2017
Gallery of Arts and History Jan 13, 2017 Confirmed
House of the Whispering Willows Jan 13, 2017
Kidcot Fun Stops Jan 13, 2017
Mexico Folk Art Gallery Jan 13, 2017
Project Tomorrow Jan 13, 2017


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