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The Top 5 Things Disney Cast Members Are NOT Allowed To Do

Mickey Mouse

Cast Member positions at Disney theme parks are highly sought-after. However, once employed, Cast Members must stick to some pretty strict guidelines.

For Disney, it's all about maintaining a great "guest experience". Since the early days of Disneyland, when Walt Disney himself walked the streets of the park, ensuring that the "show" at its parks is not harmed has been the company's utmost priority. For Cast Members, that means sticking to a rigid code of conduct and following what some might consider to be some pretty old-fashioned rules. Here are 5 things that Disney's staff are strictly NOT allowed to do.

5. Point with one finger

Disney Point
Image: Allan, Flickr

Ask a Cast Member for directions to the nearest restroom, and they'll invariably point you in the right direction. What they won't do, though, is point with one finger. Why not? Well, in some cultures pointing with one finger is seen as impolite. And pointing with two fingers or the full hand can be clearer, too.

4. Wander into other areas

Frontierland Cast Member
Image: Loren Javier, Flickr

Walt Disney is said to have been outraged by the sight of a Frontierland cowboy strolling through Tomorrowland. That's one reason why the Magic Kingdom was designed with extensive underground tunnels to enable employees to get from one area to another without being seen "on stage". There are exceptions (for parades, for example), but generally speaking anyone wearing a costume for a particular area should only be seen wearing it in that land.

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